The Bay Area Arts Mixer, a Monthly Event, Provides Space for Artists and Musicians.


BAAM aims to provide a space to bring local artists and musicians together across many platforms for collaboration, creative practice development, and live interaction. Local musicians are booked back-to-back alongside seven to fifteen local artists. The artists are strategically booked to show work, to create live art, or to provide workshops for the community. BAAM serves the local Arts and Music scene by allowing the space to practice their craft, develop their skills and resume, and to gain network and support. We like to think about this event as a counter-revolution to the quickly changing culture that surrounds the Bay Area- which lacks visibility of and the support for Music and the Arts.

BAAM is housed by the Alternative Music Foundation, 924 Gilman. 924 Gilman is a DIY, non-profit venue for music, art, and community events. The space has been a multi-generational, independent collective, and cultural landmark since 1986. 924 Gilman is an all-ages, volunteer-run, drug and alcohol-free safe space that continues to inspire similar spaces globally.